Coddiwomple 11 - A (Hopefully) Brief Doomcation

Guest: none  

Coddiwomple 11 - A (Hopefully) Brief Doomcation

0:00 Intro 1

0:29 What are you working on? 

19:04 What are you reading?
+ Funny Man: Mel Brooks by Patrick McGilligan
+ Star Trek: Stellar Cartography by Larry Nemecek 

26:12 What are you watching?
+ ST: Picard
+ Castlevania 

34:29 What are you playing?
+ Super Mario Maker 2
+ Diablo 3 

40:20 Listener Questions

# # #

Matt Vancil's Coddiwomple! Join Matt Vancil as the conversation meanders to a vague destination. Guests include family and friends who discuss what's currently on their minds as well as casual reviews of what they've been reading, watching and listening to.