Gather round, folks. I had to kill two Chibichans for this, so it's just a matter of time before the horde tracks me down.

First up! A new novel, THE FATAL FRONTIER, set in a future where our technology's advanced but our ethics haven't. The redder your shirt, the shorter your lifespan. You can download a preview chapter at the Kickstarter:…/1464770493/the-fatal-frontier…

Second! It's baaaaack: the BULLSHIT PATREON OR WHATEVER. And this time around, the fiction is free—no amount of meddling from Patreon will price anybody out. Plus there's scads more offerings: personal writing reviews, monthly Orcish lessons, and a 2nd person serial where you choose the horrid fate of the hero. To name a few.

This concludes my Double Launch Day posting. I'll be in the office hyperventilating into a gin bottle.