Coddiwomple 03 - An Incision is Made

Guest: Nathan Rice

Matt goes cyberpunk. Nathan fights off a meth head. The boys' secret identities are revealed. Beware the aid of Bonobo Boy. 

Coddiwomple 03: An Incision is Made 

0:00 Intro

13:07 What are you working on? 

25:38 What are you reading?
+ Podcasts: Radio Lab
+ White Rage by Carol Anderson
+ Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James 

35:30 What are you watching?
+ Jessica Jones
+ Boston Legal
+ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
+ The Meg
+ Upstart Crow 

52:33 What are you playing?
+ L5R CCG 

59:11 Listener Questions 

# # #

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