Patron Anagrams - September 2016

My Patreon is live! To get the word out and thank each and every person who supported me on the first day, I offered to tweet a Launch Day Anagram. It was a lot of fun and I may end up doing it for anyone who supports me via Patreon. Thank you all!

Launch Day Patrons

Sep 22. Seth "Saved This" Davis
Sep 22. James "Enjoys a Magnum" Youngman
Sep 22. Rob "Mr. Able Cannon" MacLennan
Sep 22. Gabriel "Bargain Lodge" Gonda
Sep 22. Mike "Monkish Tempo" Thompson
Sep 22. Emily "My Equal Inn" Quann
Sep 22. Alaina "A Real Main Boo" Boomer
Sep 22. Jimmy "Jam My Icicle, Hmm?" McMichael
Sep 22. Jonathan "No Jan. Manhunt" Munn
Sep 22. Nancy "Vinyl Cancan" Vancil
Sep 22. Mike "Tome Kit" Ott
Sep 22. Quinlan "Chants Null Quiz" Schulz
Sep 22. Maggie "Teargasses A Few Off Mugging" Ferguson-Wagstaffe
Sep 22. Andrew "Absorbent Wear" Obertas
Sep 22. Emily "My Orioles" Roos
Sep 22. Chris "Smirch This" Smith
Sep 22. Daniel "Denim Llama" Lamm
Sep 22. Zombie "Hip Umber Oozes" Opheus
Sep 22. Kate "Ms. Karate Hall" Marshall
Sep 22. Nicholas "Didn't Provide a Last Name" Something
Sep 22. Lee "El Vinegar" Garvin
Sep 22. Stephanie "I Fax a Telephone's Din" Fox-Daniel
Sep 22. Shawna "Gnaw a Nosh? Ha!" Hogan
Sep 22. Rufus "I Can't Really Do This without Surnames" Something
Sep 22. Sarah "Seriously, Where are the Surnames?" Something
Sep 22. Courtney "Acutely Ornery" Rayle
Sep 22. Alexander "Axed Heaven's Lark" Kashev
Sep 22. Danielle "Triple Oleander" Porter
Sep 22. Jeremy "Ay, Jeer, Mr. Spy" Spray
Sep 22. Michael "Nominal Ham Ache" Monahan
Sep 22. Kevin "Inky Weevil" Wiley
Sep 22. Alexander "Earwax Lance Lender" Lawrence
Sep 22. Matt "Kiss That Mum" Shimkus
Sep 22. Leslie "Sell Lakeside" Sedlak
Sep 22. Frederic "Reffed Critique" Fiquet
Sep 22. Morten "Opulent Sermon" Poulsen
Sep 22. Grant "Start Melting" Smittle
Sep 22. Mark "Ram Roll Rack" Carroll
Sep 22. Tamra "Exalt Calmer" Excell!
Sep 22. Laura "On a Walrus" Snow
Sep 22. Jason "I Haven't Got A" Surname
Sep 22. Don "Royal End" Early
Sep 22. Andrew "Rips a Work Deadline" Dopieralski
Sep 22. Gordon D. "Odd Drunk Ego" Duke
Sep 22. James "Them Beer Jars" Herbert
Sep 22. William "Won a Herbal Oilskin Swim" Hawkes-Robinson
Sep 22. Woody "Won Drool Day" Arnold
Sep 22. Kevin "Drink Heaver" Harder
Sep 22. Terra "Leans Retro" Olsen
Sep 22. Nicholas Andre "Elk Snot: A Hindrance" Kent
Sep 22. Moritz "Zither Storm Cub" Schubert
Sep 22. Mel "Zen Mallard: Elm Delver" Melendrez-Vallard
Sep 22. Trit! I can do nothing with that...
Sep 22. Donald "Vandal Nodes" Evans
Sep 22. Sam "Ash Aroma" O'Hara
Sep 22. Daniel "A Providence Lion" Provencio
Sep 22. Helen "Blench Rebuke" Brubeck
Sep 22. Michael "I Retch Caramel" Carter
Sep 22. DC "Club Elder" Bueller
Sep 22. Xeledon "Need Lox" NoLastName
Sep 22. Laura Red "Total Crusader" Scott
Sep 22. James "Jigsawed Moon" Goodwin
Sep 22. Keith "A Killer Month" Rollman
Sep 22. Jason "A Nacho Sith Jock" Haithcock
Sep 22. Daniel Aaron "A Neural Beard Ikon" Burke
Sep 22. Jay "Perky Raja" Parker
Sep 23. John "Lord John I" Idlor
Sep 23. David "Adz Avoid Us" Souza
Sep 23. Brad "Border Brats" Roberts
Sep 23. Josh "Aloha Jays" Ayala
Sep 23. Lenurd "Toughened Jerk Melon" The Joke Gnome
Sep 23. Andrew "Wanted Brewers" Webster
Sep 23. Rasmus "A Rajah Burns Drums" Durban Jahr
Sep 23. Dale "Lazed Tank" Kantz
Sep 23. Matthew "Two Peach Attempts" Scoppetta
Sep 23. Max "A Benchmark Named X" Beckman-Harned
Sep 23. Cassi "I Cuss Scamming" Cummings

Patreon is Live!

We are live! Or will be shortly. Chances are I'm still fiddling with text. In the meantime, here's a snazzy pic of the sample story available on the page, which I should really link to.

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