Patron Anagrams - 2017

When I launched my Patreon site in September, I offered to tweet a Launch Day Anagram to everyone who signed up.

It turned out to be a great deal of fun, so I crafted an anagram cannon and I decided to do it again for all first-time patrons.

Thank you all!

New Patron Anagrams for 2017

Feb 24. Dominick "Denim Zodiac Monk" Mendoza
Feb 27. Warped "Simple Dwarf" Films
Mar 05. Sean "Nead a Boss?" Dobes
Mar 05. Jen "Neg Jape" Page
Mar 15. James "Yeah, Mojos!" Yoho
Mar 15. Mason "Swills Ammonia" Williams
Mar 15. Brendan "Bonny Slander" Lyons
Mar 15. Kelli "Coulee Kills" Clouse
Mar 16. Stuart "Tutu Masher" Hume
Mar 16. Ben "Bed Banner" Barned
Mar 16. Allan "No Sensual Llama" Samuelson
Mar 16. Tyler "Terminal Try" Martin
Mar 16. Magi "I Razed Hangmen" Hernandez
Mar 23. Nicki "Kicking In" King
Mar 30. Ingo "I So Jab Kong" Jakobs
Mar 30. Ahoroar "Oh, A Roar"
Mar 30. Josh "Job Hustler" Butler
Apr 04. Darren "Rad Invaders" Davis
Apr 06. Patrick "A Cryptic Mock" McCoy
Apr 24. Joe "Impossible to Anagram" P
Apr 24. Dustin "Implanted Clubs" Campbell
Apr 28. Chris "Smirch This" Smith
May 09. Robert "Web Error Klutz, I" Kurzweil
May 12. C.J. "I can do nothing with that. NOTHING. Three T's, only one vowel, and it's an O? Come ON, man" Stott
May 18. Jeremy "Hey, Mr. Icy Jeer" Richey
May 23. Chris "Just Chris" [LastNamesHelp]
Jun 01. Vincent "I Know TV Winces" Wiskow
Jun 12. Jeffrey "Fresh Fry Jape" Sharp
Jun 12. Brian "Baron Tidy" Doty
Jun 28.  Liz "U Iz Lil" Lui!
Jun 28.  Iain "Wilier Satan" Walters
Jun 29.  Amanda "Oak and Coma" Cook
Jul 21. Kyle "Taste My Whelk" Matthews
Jul 29.  Josephine "Jeers Open Within" Winter
Aug 21.  Nick "Nicker Burn" Bruner
Aug 21. Roy "Buoy Kicker" Kubicek
Aug 22. Jim "Winch Me, Jr." Wrench
Sep 07. John "O, happ'n'n! (jk)" Knapp!
Sep 12. Janna "Hard-On Jeans" Rhodes
Sep 29. Greg "GQ Lunge Liner" Quinnell
Sep 29. Camille "I'm a Hellcat, Belize" Elizabeth
Sep 29. Jason "Jargon's Tune" Gunter
Oct 06. Carlin "Clear Nitwit" Witte
Dec 28. Sarah "Fair Sharks" Frisk
Dec 28. Karl "Hark, Dark Blurt" Burkhardt