Coddiwomple 08 - Garbage Time

Guest: Nathan Rice 

Matt remembers his mentor. Nathan burns through the podcasts. Neither can remember Shankar Vedantam. Happy holidays from Matty Matt and Monkey Man. 

Coddiwomple 08 - Garbage Time

0:00 Intro 

20:13 What are you working on? 

25:55 What are you reading?
+ Podcasts: Hidden Brains, Invisibilia
+ Pwned by Matt Vancil
+ Range by David Epstein
+ So, Anyway… by John Cleese 

38:58 What are you watching?
+ The Mandalorian
+ Years and Years
+ Watchmen 

52:55 What are you playing?
+ D&D3.5
+ Red Dead Redemption 2 

57:50 Listener Questions 

# # #

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