Patron Anagrams - December 2016

When I launched my Patreon site in September, I offered to tweet a Launch Day Anagram to everyone who signed up.

It turned out to be a great deal of fun, so I crafted an anagram cannon and I decided to do it again for all first-time patrons.

Thank you all!

New Patron Anagrams for December 2016

Dec 5. Pat "Pirate's Family" Fair-Smiley
Dec 5. Thomas "Takes Heroism" Reiske
Dec 14. Maxi "Razz Loving: Amaze an Ex" Gonzalez Narvaez
Dec 20. David E. "Dead-Ass Driven" Sanders
Dec 21. Karl "Lank 'n Horn-E" Hennon
Dec 21. Brendan "Slap Any Blender" Lapsley
Dec 28. Misty "It's Smiley" Isle
Dec 28. Randy "Ye Tarty Nudge" Guyette